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Today I’m grateful for…

I thought I should write a little disclaimer at the beginning as I’ve realised that people who aren’t following me won’t know what I’m doing so…

I am doing a 365 days of gratitude, in the hopes of training myself to have a more positive view on life and to become more naturally proactive and optimistic in everything I do.

So today I am grateful for my husband. No man or woman is perfect in any relationship but my husband is so hard working and try so diligently to be loving even though he is in pain both emotionally and physically.

He fights to the bitter end and never gives up, and though he believes it’s just something he should do he always maintains a light-heartedness about him.

I am grateful to the love and care he has for my children who, though they aren’t physically his own, he cares for them as his own. He is an amazing husband and Dad.

And I am grateful to have been his choice for a wife.

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Today I’m grateful for…

Today I’m grateful for being able to see in such vibrant colors.

To be able to have the choice to have bright and happy colors in my life and that my eyes are well and healthy so as to enjoy these colors.

To know that my eyes are seeing pure, clear and untainted color in all its glory that Jehovah has made for my enjoyment.

Love to you all.

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Today I am grateful for…

Today I choose to be grateful for the aches and pains I’m feeling after a hard days work. It reminds me of how I am healthy and have full capacity for using my body.
That I have have full capabilities to be able to gain abundant health by eating well and exercising even though I don’t always do that.

The feeling of resting my aching body on the couch and enjoying a nice rum and coke.

Just enjoying my capabilities.

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Today I’m grateful for…

Today, I’m reflecting on my family and my spiritual family. I am grateful to have such a great family of in-laws. As I am an only child I have always sought after brothers and sisters to share company and time so I am grateful I have this now with my bother and sister in law and their children.

Next, I am grateful for my spiritual family. Going through some very testing situations I have always had such loving support from our congregation Elders and they share their Bible knowledge to show how much Jehovah cares and what steps I need to take to get me through, and I am grateful for this. Without the reminders from these loving ones I know I would be much slower in recovery and spiritual growth. So I am grateful to Jehovah for giving me this support.

So I will leave my writings here and continue to contemplate further on these great gifts I’ve been given.

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365 days of Gratitude

Today I watched one of the YouTube girls I follow, Steph Yu aka happyandhealthy96, and her video on her 365 days (watch here) and it inspired me to do my own 365 days of gratitude.

What I’m hoping to achieve with this is to learn to have greater appreciation for the good things I have in my life, amongst the turmoil I need to face, and to hopefully have a better outlook by habit on the instances in my life.

So, Day 1 of my 365 days of gratitude:
Today I am grateful for the birth of my husband’s youngest daughter and our 2nd youngest in our family. I am grateful that I have come to be a mother figure in her life, that we have our own special bond and that I have earned her trust as a parental figure in her life. I believe you must earn the trust of a child born of someone else and you are not entitled to it, so I am grateful that she and I have our own bond of love.
This is a new experience for me but I am looking forward to learning how to better express my appreciation and love better.

Much love and gratitude to you all

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We’ve Moved!

Surprise! We’ve moved! Again… 2nd time in 4 months.. So that was the big change that was happening.
This move has been a fresh start for me and for the family. It made me realize that I move house rather unusually (I literally move everything in Aldi/Coles bags and just load up my car!) and that just having a few extra hands to help move SERIOUSLY makes moving so much easier.

For those of you who aren’t in Australia, moving house with a removalist is extremely expensive, so generally, most people move themselves with either their own trailer or a borrowed one and many many car trips from house to house.

It’s tiring, physically exhausting and REALLY difficult to do with 4 kids! However, we made it. This move I decided I wanted to move room by room. Which proved to be easy enough. It also helped me not to get too overwhelmed with the unloading and organising of the new house. 

Though I still need to unpack, the majority of the house has been set up and all amenities have been connected. (NEED…INTERNET!!….finally getting connected today)

It’s also triggered my desire to be more simplified in my life and I’m going to cull more items and live a more minimalist lifestyle.

Moving house really helps you to see how little you really need to survive and that having just a few things can make life so much easier, both physically (like when moving) and emotionally.

I hope to blog a bit more frequently since the move but we’ll see…

Much love ❤

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Tell me you didn’t just read the title in the same voice as “LIPSTICK TASER!” lol.

So, I thought I’d do a theme change to kind of celebrate the change going on in my life and to note I’m going with positive change. In all aspects of life when change occurs, it comes with both positive and negative no matter if it’s change by choice, or change by force, but if we try to focus on the positive changes and consider the “negative” to be a challenge to become or problem solve then it makes change a bit more palatable.

So hope you like the change! I’m still learning to explore the options on WordPress and the different features. I also do this from my phone so there is a drastic difference between computer and mobile layout.

Anyhoo, big changes happening in the very near future and I’ll blog when this all occurs!

Much love ❤