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Today I’m grateful for…day 10

Today I am grateful for my bed. Who doesn’t love their bed? It’s my sanctuary, my comfy place, my escape.

It welcomes me at night and pleads with me to stay in the morning. It soothes my aching body after a long day and keeps me warm on those cold nights.

I am also grateful for the privilege of having a bed to sleep in. So many people don’t have this luxury and it makes me sad to think they don’t have the opportunity to experience these feelings.

So I really take a step back to appreciate what I have at this time, and though I may not have expensive luxurious items, I still have a bed to sleep in. And I am grateful..

P.S that’s obviously not my real bed but I can dream right!? 😜

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Today I am grateful for…day 9

Today it’s the good ol’ library! I’m so grateful for this place, because it’s literally free education!
It has a plethora of subjects, information and even multimedia for you to explore.

And they are so good with doing free events for children, also different educational seminars for adults which are either free or just a small fee!

Not to mention the people you can meet. I met a lady today with a vegan recipe book,

who I asked her where she got it and we got to talking about different things and I learnt about some new sites to buy great books from and some new plant based diet bloggers to have a lookie at.
When was the last time you utilised your local library?

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Today I am grateful for…day 8

Today I am grateful for all the vegan women out there who are sharing their stories and inspiring others to obtain optimum health and are giving this information freely.

I get so inspired by watching these proactive women and it gives me motivation to get up and keep moving, to make positive changes in my life and to slowly incorporate new techniques in my life.

Some of these amazing women are:

FullyRaw Kristina
And MangoIslandMamma

They have all had different journeys and are kind enough to share their struggles and how they overcame these with simple diet changes.

I am truly grateful for these women and their passion to inspire

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder??

Well, it’s been a while! And, o, how many things occur!

So I’ve had many new developments occur over the passing weeks. I’m delving deeper into a company called Modere, for health and potential income. (More to come on that shortly)

I’ve been looking into juice and water fasting. (I’m hoping to do a juice fast within the next month and will tell you all my experience)

I’ve re-evaluated my goals etc and have been striving to get out more in the ministry, (I go preaching from door to door to spread a positive message and hope in this dark and ominous world we live in) and have actually succeeded! This is a huge step for me because I’ve always struggled to be more active in this field, so I’m glad that I’m slowly progressing here.

We have big changes happening over the weekend but I’ll wait til it’s all official to say what it is. 

Aaaand, lastly, my mind is clear! Clear of the cloud that shows up from time to time. Clear of the brain fog I get occasionally. And just clear enough that I haven’t had a single anxiety attack since my last blog! I’m putting it down to the small changes I’ve been making, such as more regular prayer and Bible study, using a positive affirmations app that gives positive affirmations daily, trying to focus on doing a little of each house task everyday so I’m getting so overwhelmed and watching motivating vegan youtubers and the things that motivate them.

I find it interesting how others motivation is contagious. And I am enjoying watching their progress and it motivates me to make my own progress.

Love to you all!

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Long time no write…

So after my last episode of emotions and searching for answers, I’ve taken a break and worked on focusing on what can help me and how I can put little habits into action in order to keep positive etc.
Firstly, I’ve been doing a lot more research into veganism and watching videos of families who are vegan and what they eat. I discovered 2 channels in particular which are mango island mamma and Bonny Rebecca.

It gave me positive motivation to discover new ways of eating vegan and a healthy diet. I also discovered through these channels with Dr. Michael Greger, who explains the actual science behind plant based diets and how the current “health care system” isn’t always doing what is in the best interest of people’s health.

I also downloaded an app with positive affirmations called Life changing affirmations that give you a new positive affirmation daily. It’s been really helpful in keeping me positive and proactive.

I also saw my naturopath and they gave me my homeopathic remedies that I needed, in particular the Dr Bach flower remedy ‘Rescue Remedy’ which is a life saver for stress and overwhelming emotions. If you’re interested in any of these tid bits of information you can click on the links and it will take you to informative websites on the topic.

I feel energized and clear headed since going 100% vegan again and feeding my mind the positivity and gaining more knowledge. Knowledge is power! Lol.

So here I’ll leave it and hope this can help some of you to stay above the bad feelings and overwhelming emotions. Love to you all!

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The mind is powerful! but only when you feed it..

And what you feed your mind gives the results of how you feel and act. So I’m back on track after my brush with anxiety and losing my way.

I discovered that I wasn’t feeding my mind right! In fact, I wasn’t feeding it at all! And I was dwelling on the very things that were hurting me.

So how did I wake myself up? To be honest, I started with prayer. When all else fails, pray. I asked for clarity, and told Jehovah that I hate being that way.

The next thing I did was work in harmony with that prayer and started watching Bite Sized Vegan and feeding my mind with information that had motivated me before.

I found an awesome family through bite size vegan who vlog their vegan lifestyle and raising their children vegan which has given me a lot of motivation too. You can see her YouTube channel here.

So I’ve realised that it is so easy to fall away from the motivational food when you’re feeling good thinking everything is fine, which it is, but in order to maintain this you need to keep feeding your mind with the right food!

Aaaaaand I’m back with the vegan diet.. I am a bit disappointed in myself for giving into the “social norm” of eating meat but that is another learning experience I have been through that I can use as motivation to keep on track. (I felt physically unwell with what I was eating because my digestive system just couldn’t cope)

So I am rethinking the idea of seeing a psychologist now and I will see how I go keeping on track this time. I really don’t want to be having to rely on others to keep me on track so I need to learn myself.

So I give it another crack and keep trying!

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My anxieties have anxieties!

So here I am again… fallen off-the-wall vegan band wagon (but not gone for good) and full of anxiety again.
I’ve been feeling extremely anxious these past few weeks and I will definitely contribute some of it to the meat that’s been back in my diet but I’m thinking it’s more my thinking at the moment.

I’m not consciously thinking about things that are giving stress but I will hear things from others that is triggering stress and though I make a conscious effort to try to not dwell on these things I have been finding myself thinking about it.

I’m yet to see the doctor about it and I’d like to wait until after I’ve been to my naturopath but until then I will have to put up with these anxiety attacks I’ve been getting.

I found this great game in Google Play called infinity loop.

It’s a really calming game that draws your focus to working out the puzzle and has a hz frequency recording as background music. It really helped me get through some anxious feelings last night, though I still had the anxiety it stopped me from getting any worse.

I am hoping to try to get back to my vegan diet really soon. I know some may think just do it! I am not in that mindset at this time. I need to get myself watching documentaries and researching again however, with the way my anxiety and thinking is at this stage I feel that I will just be a nervous wreck if I do. So I am being patient with myself, understanding and pinpointing the anxiety and most of all, seeking help.

I know how I am eating is contributing to the way I am feeling but this current “rut” is not a nice one…so I will take small steps and work my way back up.

Much love ❤❤