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Today I’m grateful for…day 11

Today I’m grateful for simple family moments. Something as simple as a small fire, some sparklers, and a game of tag.

These moments are what life is all about. Watching the kids run around and have fun. I remember the days as a kid where we would stay up so late running around playing hide and seek or tiggy or just having fun at night without a care in the world.

I’m so glad that our kids too have the opportunity to do these simple things. I notice too that they enjoy themselves so much more when they do these things. They beg for more time playing and squeal and laugh and just be kids.

I’m grateful for these moments because it takes them away from the technology and just let’s them live raw wholesome real life.

Never underestimate how meaningful all these things are for kids.

Much love!

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Today I am grateful for…day 8

Today I am grateful for all the vegan women out there who are sharing their stories and inspiring others to obtain optimum health and are giving this information freely.

I get so inspired by watching these proactive women and it gives me motivation to get up and keep moving, to make positive changes in my life and to slowly incorporate new techniques in my life.

Some of these amazing women are:

FullyRaw Kristina
And MangoIslandMamma

They have all had different journeys and are kind enough to share their struggles and how they overcame these with simple diet changes.

I am truly grateful for these women and their passion to inspire

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365 days of Gratitude

Today I watched one of the YouTube girls I follow, Steph Yu aka happyandhealthy96, and her video on her 365 days (watch here) and it inspired me to do my own 365 days of gratitude.

What I’m hoping to achieve with this is to learn to have greater appreciation for the good things I have in my life, amongst the turmoil I need to face, and to hopefully have a better outlook by habit on the instances in my life.

So, Day 1 of my 365 days of gratitude:
Today I am grateful for the birth of my husband’s youngest daughter and our 2nd youngest in our family. I am grateful that I have come to be a mother figure in her life, that we have our own special bond and that I have earned her trust as a parental figure in her life. I believe you must earn the trust of a child born of someone else and you are not entitled to it, so I am grateful that she and I have our own bond of love.
This is a new experience for me but I am looking forward to learning how to better express my appreciation and love better.

Much love and gratitude to you all

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Long time no write…

So after my last episode of emotions and searching for answers, I’ve taken a break and worked on focusing on what can help me and how I can put little habits into action in order to keep positive etc.
Firstly, I’ve been doing a lot more research into veganism and watching videos of families who are vegan and what they eat. I discovered 2 channels in particular which are mango island mamma and Bonny Rebecca.

It gave me positive motivation to discover new ways of eating vegan and a healthy diet. I also discovered through these channels with Dr. Michael Greger, who explains the actual science behind plant based diets and how the current “health care system” isn’t always doing what is in the best interest of people’s health.

I also downloaded an app with positive affirmations called Life changing affirmations that give you a new positive affirmation daily. It’s been really helpful in keeping me positive and proactive.

I also saw my naturopath and they gave me my homeopathic remedies that I needed, in particular the Dr Bach flower remedy ‘Rescue Remedy’ which is a life saver for stress and overwhelming emotions. If you’re interested in any of these tid bits of information you can click on the links and it will take you to informative websites on the topic.

I feel energized and clear headed since going 100% vegan again and feeding my mind the positivity and gaining more knowledge. Knowledge is power! Lol.

So here I’ll leave it and hope this can help some of you to stay above the bad feelings and overwhelming emotions. Love to you all!

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The mind is powerful! but only when you feed it..

And what you feed your mind gives the results of how you feel and act. So I’m back on track after my brush with anxiety and losing my way.

I discovered that I wasn’t feeding my mind right! In fact, I wasn’t feeding it at all! And I was dwelling on the very things that were hurting me.

So how did I wake myself up? To be honest, I started with prayer. When all else fails, pray. I asked for clarity, and told Jehovah that I hate being that way.

The next thing I did was work in harmony with that prayer and started watching Bite Sized Vegan and feeding my mind with information that had motivated me before.

I found an awesome family through bite size vegan who vlog their vegan lifestyle and raising their children vegan which has given me a lot of motivation too. You can see her YouTube channel here.

So I’ve realised that it is so easy to fall away from the motivational food when you’re feeling good thinking everything is fine, which it is, but in order to maintain this you need to keep feeding your mind with the right food!

Aaaaaand I’m back with the vegan diet.. I am a bit disappointed in myself for giving into the “social norm” of eating meat but that is another learning experience I have been through that I can use as motivation to keep on track. (I felt physically unwell with what I was eating because my digestive system just couldn’t cope)

So I am rethinking the idea of seeing a psychologist now and I will see how I go keeping on track this time. I really don’t want to be having to rely on others to keep me on track so I need to learn myself.

So I give it another crack and keep trying!

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Another week…another wipeout…

So the kids have gone back today and as per my usual routine I come home and literally crash. I have to drive about 120km round trip to drop off Master R which I spend 60km trying to stay awake (our car is so comfy that I get drowsy easy) then spend the next eating so I don’t fall asleep.

I came home and passed out on the bed for 2hrs only to wake up feeling like I was hit by a bus… when I have these “meltdown” moments I find that no matter the amount of sleep I get I never wake up refreshed. I am going to my naturopath next week to see where my body is at and hopefully that will help.

I’ve also decided to see a psychologist. My husband and I spoke about the emotional explosions and how I need to deal with things and as I am unable to pin point what triggers these moments or calm myself from them so, off to GP to get a mental health care plan to get supported care.

I’m so grateful to my mother in law and her support as she regularly comes and helps me catch up on my dishes and washing/folding etc. We really live in a society that has destroyed the family unit and it’s support and tried to replace them with institutions and doctors that want to test the effects of different drugs on people.

However, there are times when we need to reach out for help to these places, I just feel that we need to stay strong to what we believe, and be informed!

Holding onto hope ❤

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Emotion explosion!

So it’s been five days since my last post and that is because I have had an emotion explosion.

I get these from time to time where I am so overwhelmed by EVERYTHING that I literally explode emotionally and end up not being able to function.

So everything has backed up again… dishes are piling up…washing is piling up…folding is piling up…house is getting messier….BUT! I have survived! I’ve survived my episode and it’s only taken me a week.

Now a week may sound long to some but I used to be out for months after my marriage breakup. I have come a long way since then and the times are shorter and more sparced out.

I’ve managed to attack the evil corner of the house so that it has gone from the above photo to:

I felt some accomplishment and pleased that we only have 3 plastic boxes of “storage” items.

So what triggered this episode? I’ve pinpointed it to when I was asked when the children came back. I had been enjoying my week off, getting the house looking nice, keeping up a cleaning and washing routine and just focusing on maintaining these.

That one question threw me head first into the reality that what I’d been setting up was going to be disturbed and potentially destroyed.

When the children return I always have some fear. Fear of how they will return emotionally. Fear of the attitudes they may bring back. Fear of how to deal with them. Fear of the unknown….

It is a fortnightly ‘thing’ I have to cope with and you’d think I’d be used to it by now…..alas…..that is not the case.

Some weeks I’m fine but other weeks I’m freaking out! I put a lot of pressure on myself to try to educate the best way I can, morally in particular, and I can sometimes look too far into the future of how I believe they may turn out and go…”what’s the point!? It’s all in vain!”

So I get overwhelmed. I then need to put on a strong face for my children (though they are all very perceptive) and hold myself from explosion.

Cultivating self control is a constant struggle for me. But I keep on trying and it is getting easier.

I am feeling much better now but still have sensitive emotions and usually feel this way until the children go back to their respective families. I’m hoping to find more efficient ways of coping with this and have been looking into relationship counselling specialised in blended families.

I’ll post my findings/experience with this as the time arrives.