This blog is all about life as a blended family of 6, my anxieties and my journey to veganism.

The struggles, the fun times, how I, as a mother and step-mother support our 4 kids, emotionally and physically, and how I cope with being overwhelmed, the emotions I feel as someone who wants to do the best and give the best I can.

How I manage my veganism, and how I try to stay on track. Being ethical vegan doesn’t mean I’ve never loved the tastes of meat etc so how I keep myself from giving into temptation. (And how I come back from falling off the band wagon)

It’s all about never giving up, learning to find help, where to find help and doing it all as a completely disorganised and totally emotionally retarded person myself.

A little about myself:   I am a 31 year old mother of 4. 2 biological children, Master R (age 9) and Miss A (age 4) and 2 step-children, Miss B (age 7) and Miss G (age 6). I am married to the most amazing man on earth, John (I have to say that but its true :D) and I am an extremely disorganised and unconventional person.  I struggle to share or understand my emotions as I am an emotional bottler.  I feel I need to be strong for EVERYONE even though I know that I can’t do that all the time.  I constantly feel like I am never doing enough as a mother/wife and I get so overwhelmed that I will literally become “emotionally paralysed” and not be able to do even basic household chores!  I’ll give you some background…

I chose to marry young so didn’t get to have the “normal” teenage life that other young women enjoy or learn the skills needed to be a good wife/mother.  I married into a Korean family who was quite traditional and my ex-husband was substantially older in age than myself.  So began my life of learning the Korean language, and trying to learn how to be a Korean housewife.

Just to let you know, I’d moved from being a pretty lazy average Aussie teenager into a full on Korean strict lifestyle having no idea that what I was doing was offensive to these people!  So I learned over the ten years of marriage, through much trial and error, (more error…) how to be somewhat of a Korean housewife.

After ten years, and a child, divorce came around… I will blog about the emotional details at another stage.

I then had 3 years of self discovery, many stupid mistakes based on pent up stresses not dealt with and all while trying to come across balanced and strong for my children’s sake… NOT an easy task I can tell you that!!  After dealing with my emotions (somewhat) I met my now husband and his two beautiful children, meanwhile he was going through struggles of his own, battling through the courts for recovery of his girls who were taken, trying to work a full time job whilst caring for them, and dealing with his own internal battles (will have to get permission from him to blog about those though! lol)

9 months on and we were happily married. (I’ll let you know that we knew each other for about 2 years just as friends and never really thought about dating each other as we were still going through our divorces and the complications that went with that)

So here we are today, one happy little blended family of 6!  And so I thought I would start this blog to enlighten people who are either going through, or have been through and can relate to, the struggles of what to do when this all occurs and how to cope. Where to go to, what are the options, then natural emotions you may go through (at least what I went through) the frustrations of going through these different avenues and then the “now what” after all the crazy calms down.

So there I am in a nutshell! One messy mama!!! Hope I can get to know some of you who follow me and I hope we can all share our experiences and fun times!