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Today I am grateful for…day 8

Today I am grateful for all the vegan women out there who are sharing their stories and inspiring others to obtain optimum health and are giving this information freely.

I get so inspired by watching these proactive women and it gives me motivation to get up and keep moving, to make positive changes in my life and to slowly incorporate new techniques in my life.

Some of these amazing women are:

FullyRaw Kristina
And MangoIslandMamma

They have all had different journeys and are kind enough to share their struggles and how they overcame these with simple diet changes.

I am truly grateful for these women and their passion to inspire


I am a 31 year old mother of 4 in a second marriage. I love my family but I struggle to display that emotionally sometimes due to my habit of bottling up my true feelings. I am a naturally messy, unmotivated person which makes looking after a household and 4 children extremely difficult sometimes. I am hoping to appeal to other mum's/dad's who are living in a blended family, struggling through the everyday lives after dealing with divorce, watching children cope with separation, changeovers and ex-spousal confrontation. I hope that my life can help others to see that they are not alone in this journey and that I can find helpful information on making life just that little bit more helpful.

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