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OMGosh! Where have I been!?

Well, OMG where have I been!? So, yeah, life got in the way and I sadly, didn’t continue my 365 days of gratitude…

I am still gratuitous of many things but quickly learnt that it’s a lot harder than it looks doing that whole 365 days of ANYTHING, let alone 365 days of gratitude.

I am however happy to say that dispite many “life things” that are happening in our life at present, I am very happy and I am coping better everyday!

I’m hoping to rekindle some of my more creative side at present so, will see how long that lasts, but I am slowly learning that it’s OK to start and stop things in your life. I’m not a failure, but I am an explorer.

Discovering new and different things and avenues each and everyday. At some stage I may use what I’ve learnt and be able to inspire others and my children to just love to learn, even if it seems “impractical” at the time.

Much love to you all and long time no write ❤

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Today I’m grateful for…day 11

Today I’m grateful for simple family moments. Something as simple as a small fire, some sparklers, and a game of tag.

These moments are what life is all about. Watching the kids run around and have fun. I remember the days as a kid where we would stay up so late running around playing hide and seek or tiggy or just having fun at night without a care in the world.

I’m so glad that our kids too have the opportunity to do these simple things. I notice too that they enjoy themselves so much more when they do these things. They beg for more time playing and squeal and laugh and just be kids.

I’m grateful for these moments because it takes them away from the technology and just let’s them live raw wholesome real life.

Never underestimate how meaningful all these things are for kids.

Much love!

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Today I’m grateful for…day 10

Today I am grateful for my bed. Who doesn’t love their bed? It’s my sanctuary, my comfy place, my escape.

It welcomes me at night and pleads with me to stay in the morning. It soothes my aching body after a long day and keeps me warm on those cold nights.

I am also grateful for the privilege of having a bed to sleep in. So many people don’t have this luxury and it makes me sad to think they don’t have the opportunity to experience these feelings.

So I really take a step back to appreciate what I have at this time, and though I may not have expensive luxurious items, I still have a bed to sleep in. And I am grateful..

P.S that’s obviously not my real bed but I can dream right!? 😜

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Today I am grateful for…day 9

Today it’s the good ol’ library! I’m so grateful for this place, because it’s literally free education!
It has a plethora of subjects, information and even multimedia for you to explore.

And they are so good with doing free events for children, also different educational seminars for adults which are either free or just a small fee!

Not to mention the people you can meet. I met a lady today with a vegan recipe book,

who I asked her where she got it and we got to talking about different things and I learnt about some new sites to buy great books from and some new plant based diet bloggers to have a lookie at.
When was the last time you utilised your local library?

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Today I am grateful for…day 8

Today I am grateful for all the vegan women out there who are sharing their stories and inspiring others to obtain optimum health and are giving this information freely.

I get so inspired by watching these proactive women and it gives me motivation to get up and keep moving, to make positive changes in my life and to slowly incorporate new techniques in my life.

Some of these amazing women are:

FullyRaw Kristina
And MangoIslandMamma

They have all had different journeys and are kind enough to share their struggles and how they overcame these with simple diet changes.

I am truly grateful for these women and their passion to inspire

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Today I am grateful for… day 7

It’s officially been a week that I have been doing my 365 days of gratitude.
And I must say I have noticed myself being a lot calmer, even in my moments of irritation, and being able to continue on with day to day things rather than just sitting in the corner feeling highly overwhelmed.

So today I am grateful for being self aware. Being able to self analyze and takes notes on it. And to notice small changes and to encourage myself to be better. I am intrigued to see where I will be in a months time of doing this and then a years time and how far I will have come.

Much love ❤

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Today I am grateful for…

Today wasn’t the best day… whilst writing this I am feeling angry, upset, unappreciated and hurt.

​I am doing a 365 days of gratitude, in the hopes of training myself to have a more positive view on life and to become more naturally proactive and optimistic in everything I do.

However, I am not going to let these feelings over take the gratitude I have for things.

Today I am grateful to Jehovah for always having readily available literature that can help you to see views from his standpoint and how to cope with the difficulties of everyday life.

So I did some research on managing quarrels (read here) and it really helped me to calm myself and also look at things from a different perspective. Also steps in order to take hold of the issues and try to reduce or even eliminate the potential for quarrels.

I am just so grateful that Jehovah provides these gems of insight so we can prevent drastic calamities in our households by allowing ourselves to run away with strong emotions that are surging at the time of quarreling.

I hope you all take the chance to read that little article and you learn some helpful tips on marriage quarrels.

Much love ❤